The New Border Agency and its Impact on Security Certificates

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Original author: unknown
Source: Canadian Council for Refugees Listserv
Date: January 8, 2004

To: ICLMG members and friends

Below are the orders in council by which certain parts of CIC are transferred to the new Border Agency and the responsibility for decisions relating to those aspects to Anne McLellan (Solicitor General, styled Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness). This means that decisions on enforcement related matters (e.g. decisions on countries with a temporary stay of removals) are made by Anne McLellan, not Judy Sgro.

One of the effects of this is that the security certificate used to be signed by 2 Ministers (Citizenship and Immigration and Solicitor General, IRPA 77(1)), but it now seems that only one Minister will sign it, since the 2 roles are combined.

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Uphold the Right To A fair and Just Trial - For Everyone!

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Original author: unknown
Source: Justice for Adil Charkaoui Listserv
URL: [link]
Date: December 21 2003

These days we are being told that we must chose between "our" security and "our" rights. But what is security without rights? If we are not securing our rights, what are we securing? And how can "we" have security if some are denied their rights? Whose security are we being asked to protect and whose are we being asked to deny?

Please consider signing on to the statement below, demanding a fair and just trial for Adil Charkaoui and the other refugees and immigrants held under Security Certificates. OUR rights and OUR security are at stake.

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Jailed Harkat writes to wife of reunion (Ottawa Sun)

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Original author: Lisa Lisle Source: The Ottawa Sun Date: December 8, 2003 Pen mightier than pen Jailed Harkat writes to wife of reunion

He was arrested at gunpoint, labelled a terrorist, held in solitary confinement for almost a year and has now lost part of his legal team due to death threats. However, Mohamed Harkat remains optimistic about his case and believes there is a higher purpose for all he and his family have endured in the past year. In very personal letters to his wife and most ardent supporter, Sophie, shared exclusively with the Ottawa Sun, Harkat writes about his love and appreciation for her and makes plans for the future -- a future that he believes involves him living as a free man in Canada.

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A message from NDPs Alexa McDonough to Sophie Harkat

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Date: December 10, 2003

Dear Ms. Harkat,

I am sorry I cannot be with you this evening as you mark this sad milestone. As you are aware, New Democrats have grave concerns with the federal government's use of Ministerial certificates that violate the rights of citizens in their so-called defence of our democracy.

All Canadian citizens deserve equal treatment enshrined in our Constitution. Yet the federal government has enacted legislation that opens the door to the rights of certain citizens being violated on the basis of race, religion and place of birth. We cannot allow this to happen in the name of 'national security'.

The words of American Congresswoman, Barbara Lee who alone voted against George Bush's war escalation seem more apt and sobering than ever:


New Democrats will continue to defend the rights of all Canadians.


Alexa McDonough
MP Halifax NDP
Foreign Affairs Critic, Lead Peace Advocate

Deux Poèmes de Robert Marois

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Auteur: Robert Marois Date: 10 décembre 2003 Deux Poèmes de Robert Marois Auteur: Robert Marois Date: 10 décembre 2003

Ces poèmes n apportent pas de réponse la guerre contre le terrorisme. Ils veulent simplement rappeler tous et toutes qu une telle guerre ne peut se faire sans victimes innocentes et que la propagande haineuse qui l accompagne vise museler l opinion publique en laissant croire que nous sommes entourés de d êtres dangereux qu il faut éliminer par tous les moyens. Poème silencieux

Seulement quelques lignes pour expliquer pourquoi. Parce que durant sa courte existence il n a pas trouvé les mots pour décrire l humiliation. Personne ne l a compris. Cet enfant qui jouait la guerre dans la guerre s amusait-il? Ce n était peut-être que le sourire de la misère? Pouvait-il bénir la terre lorsqu elle lui glissait sous les pieds?

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Transcripts of the Subcommittee on National Security, Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

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are the transcripts to the Subcommittee on National Security of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, September 24 2003. Ward Elcock the director of CSIS is asked questions by federal MPs about the security certificate process. IMO, he was treated with kid gloves by all in attendance including Lorne Nystrom of the NDP the only political party that has even taken notice of the plight of security certificate detainees. director of CSIS

Also present were reps. from Citizenship and Immigration, the Solicitor General's Office, and the RCMP.

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Original Author: Matthew Behrens, tasc at web dot ca
Date: Aug 17, 2003

Did you know the government of Canada, using a "security certificate" can declare any refugee or permanent resident a threat to Canada, have them arrested, held without charge or bail, and not allow either that person or their lawyer to see the "evidence" (the basis of a secret trial)?

Did you know on the basis of a secret trial, in which neither you nor your lawyer can see the evidence, you can then be deported to a country where you will likely be arrested, tortured, and murdered?

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Le SCRS démasqué

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Original author: Francine Dumas Source: Report-Back d'evenement 31 octobre Date: Novembre 2003 Le SCRS démasqué

Le 31 octobre 2003, environ 75 personnes ont manifesté devant le quartier général du Service Canadien de Sécurité et du Renseignement (SCRS) près d'Ottawa. Les manifestants venaient d'Ottawa, de Gatineau, de Toronto et d'autres villes du Sud-Ouest de l'Ontario, et de Montréal pour exiger l'abolition des certificats de sécurité et la libération de cinq hommes musulmans qui sont présentement détenus sans accusation sur la base de « preuves » secrètes selon lesquelles ils représenteraient une « menace à la sécurité nationale du Canada ». Ces hommes sont Mohammed Mahjoub (emprisonné depuis juin 2000), Mahmoud Jaballah (depuis août 2001), Hassan Almrei (octobre 2001), Mohamed Harkat (décembre 2002) et Adil Charkaoui (mai 2003). Ils peuvent être déportés dans leurs pays d'origine où ils risquent la torture et la mort et ils ne savent même pas ce qui leur est reproché.

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A Report on the Halloween Action at CSIS (Matthew Behrens)

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Halloween 2003 at CSIS
photo courtesy of [link]
Protesters Trick-or-Treat Across Canada as CSIS, RCMP Play Hide and Don't Seek 70-year-old Resisters Help Lead the Way in 10 Cities During National Day of Action to Stop Secret Trials in Canada Five Arrested as Costumed Crusaders Demand CSIS, RCMP Stop Terrorizing Canada's Arabic, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim Communities A report from Matthew Behrens of the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada) Read Behren's report HERE

Maritimers Rally Against Secret Trials

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Date: November 1 2003
Original author: Shunpiking Magazine
Source: [link]
URL: [link]

Halifax -- Twenty five people vigorously picketed the CSIS office, Maritime Centre, Halifax, for one hour on the afternoon of October 31st as part of the National Day of Action to Stop Secret Trails in Canada.

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