[REPORT-BACK] Secret Trials challenged on all fronts!

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Source: Justice Coailition for Adil Charkaoui Listserv
Date: December 15, 2004

Friday, 10 December, was the second cross-Canada day of action against secret trials in Canada; with actions in Vancouver, Edmonton, Owen Sound, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax calling for the abolition of secret trials in Canada and freedom for the detainees. 10 December is not only Human Rights Day, it is the second anniversary of the detention of Mohamed Harkat under the discriminatory security certificate regime in Ottawa.
Harkat and four other Muslim men are currently detained without charge, under secret evidence neither they nor their lawyer are allowed to see, in Canada's jails. They all face deportation to torture and further abuses of their rights. Mohammed Mahjoub has been detained for almost four and half years in this way in Toronto. Mahmoud Jaballah (Toronto, August 2001), Hassan Almrei (Toronto, October 2001), and Adil Charkaoui (Montreal, May 2003) have also been locked up for years. In Ottawa, Alex Neve, of Amnesty International, together with Warren Allmand, Ed Broadbent, Riad Saloojee (CAIR-CAN), and Deborah Bourque (CUPW) denounced security certificates at a press conference. A statement calling for the abolition of security certificates, the release or fair trial for the five, and a halt to their deportations was released during the press conference. It was endorsed by MPs, organisations such as the Canadian Labour Congress and AQOCI, as well as well-known personalities such as Oscar-award winning film-maker Denys Arcand and Bruce Cockburn (see statement and full list below). Meanwhile, both Meille Faille (Immigration Critic) of the Bloc and Bill Siksay (Immigration Critic) of the NDP took on the issue in Parliament. Faille asked, "Does the government intend to completely review the legislation governing security certificates and stop sanctioning a legal system completely devoid of the fundamental right to the presumption of innocence?" Siksay pushed on, "Will the Deputy Prime Minister act now to protect basic human rights, end detention without charges and ensure that no one is deported to torture or persecution?" In response, Anne McLellan cited "security concerns", without explaining exactly how these draconian measures are supposed to make people in Canada safer, nor what she means by "security", nor why these measures only apply to non-citizens. (Parliamentary transcripts available soon at [link] ) In Montreal, Irwin Cotler's office was picketed, for his role in prosecuting security certificates as Justice Minister. His failure to take a stand against the rights violations of security certificates stands in marked contrast to his public reputation as a defender of human rights. Family members of Charkaoui attempted to deliver a giant version of the statement to Minister Cotler, and to repeat their two-month old request for a meeting with him, but the women were rebuffed by a burly security guard. Eventually, Adil's sister was escorted to Mr. Cotler's office, only to find that the office had been locked against her. In Vancouver, Immigration Canada offices were targetted; Owen Sound paid a visit to a local MP; while in Edmonton, the RCMP, and in Toronto and Halifax, CSIS, were subject to the spotlight for their crimes against the Muslim and Arab communities in Canada. Guelph had a day of programming on secret trials on a community radio station, and an anti-racism group in Hamilton released a statement in support of the day of action. The Federal Court of Appeal stole the opportunity to release its decision on Charkaoui's constitutional challenge to security certificates. The ruling upheld the legality of discriminatory measures allowing the indefinite imprisonment of non-citizens without charge on secret evidence. Disgusted and disappointed in the decision - and its timing of Human Rights Day - Adil Charkaoui and his lawyer will nevertheless continue the struggle, and, with the support of human rights organisations, bring the challenge to the Supreme Court. Adil Charkaoui will again appear in court on 10 January, for his fourth detention review since he was imprisonned in May 2003. +++++++ Statement Against Secret Trials (Security Certificates) We, the undersigned, have grave concerns regarding the continued use of sections 9, 76-87 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which allow for the imprisonment in Canada of refugees and permanent residents under the authority of a "Security Certificate": We are particularly concerned that those detained under security certificates are: --> Being imprisoned indefinitely on secret evidence, though no charges have been laid against them; --> Tried in unfair trials where the evidence is not disclosed to the detainee or their lawyer; --> Denied the right to appeal when the certificate is upheld in a process that uses the lowest standard of proof of any court in Canada; --> Subject to deportation even when they face unfair imprisonment, torture or death. We believe that the Security Certificate process is undemocratic and that it violates fundamental human rights, which the government of Canada has committed itself to through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on Refugees, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the UN Convention on Torture. Accordingly, we demand that the Security Certificate process be abolished. For those currently imprisoned under security certificates, we demand: --> That they be released immediately; or, if any case against them actually exists, that they be allowed to defend themselves in open, fair and independent trials with full disclosure of the case against them. --> That they not be deported. ENDORSED BY: ENDORSED BY: Members of Parliament and Political Figures 1. Jack Layton (MP, Toronto-Danforth), NDP Leader 2. Ed Broadbent (MP, Ottawa Centre), NDP Critic for International Human Rights 3. Joe Comartin (MP, Windsor-Tecumseh), NDP Critic for Justice 4. Alexa McDonough (MP, Halifax), NDP Foreign Affairs Critic 5. Bill Siksay (MP, Burnaby-Douglas), NDP Critic for Citizenship and Immigration 6. Carolyn Parrish (MP, Mississauga-Erindale), Independent 7. Daniel Turp (MNA, Mercier), Parti Quebecois 8. Flora MacDonald, former Foreign Minister of Canada 9. Warren Allmand, former Solicitor-General of Canada Law Organisations and Legal Professionals 1. Law Union of Ontario 2. Paul Copeland, Lawyer, Toronto 3. Andrew Brouwer, lawyer, Toronto 4. Sean Fraser, lawyer, International Court of Justice, The Hague 5. Jackie Esmond, immigration and refugee lawyer, Toronto 6. Kourosh Farrokhzad, labour and human rights lawyer, Ottawa 7. Yavar Hameed, lawyer, Ottawa 8. Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell, BC 9. Peter Rosenthal, lawyer, Toronto 10. Riali Johannesson-Gruzuk, lawyer, Toronto 11. Celia Harte, lawyer, Toronto 12. Suzanne Bouclin, lawyer, Ottawa 13. Richard Fidler, LLB 14. Sharryn J. Aiken, Faculty of Law, Queen�s University 15. Vallie Stearns, lawyer, Ottawa 16. Christine Roth, lawyer, Toronto 17. Michael Tilleard, lawyer, Edmonton 18. Ilwad Jama, lawyer Labour 1. Canadian Labour Council (CLC) 2. Debourah Bourque, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) 3. Evert Hoogers, National Union Rep., Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) 4. James Clancy, National President, National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) 5. Buzz Hargrove, President, Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) 6. Paul Moist, National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 7. Réjean Parent, President, Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) 8. Arthur Sandborn, President, Conseil central du Montréal métropolitain de la Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) 9. Michel Quijada, President, Conseil central de l'Outaouais 10. Sean McKenny, Ottawa District Labour Council (ODLC) 11. Cam Johnstone, President, CUPE Local 5500 12. Manon Brulotte, President, CEP Local 247 13. John Meloche, CUPW Local 580 Human Rights and Other Organizations 1. Action Santé Outaouais 2. Alternative Perspective Media/ Regard Alternative Média (APM-RAM), Montreal 3. Anti-Capitalist Community Action (ACA), Ottawa 4. Anti-Poverty Committee Vancouver 5. Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI) 6. BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association 7. Brampton Resistance 8. Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada, Toronto 9. Canadian Arab Federation - Toronto 10. Canpalnet-Ottawa 11. Centre justice et foi, Montreal 12. Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui, Montreal 13. Common Front Legal Collective, Toronto 14. Communist League 15. Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) 16. Council for American-Islamic Relations Canada (CAIR-CAN) 17. Council of Canadians 18. Entraide missionnaire, Montreal 19. Forum Musulman Canadien/Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF), Montreal 20. Hamilton Action For Social Change 21. International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) 22. International Socialists 23. Islamic Society of York Region 24. Jewish Alliance against the Occupation, Montreal 25. Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee, Ottawa 26. KAIROS Canada 27. L�Association pour la défense des droits sociaux de Gatineau (ADDS) 28. La Ligue des droits et libertés, Montreal 29. Le rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre (ROCG) 30. Libertas Legal Collective, Montreal 31. Marxist-Leninist Party - University of Toronto 32. Marxist-Leninist Party Club, University of Windsor 33. McGill Students Against War and Racism (Montreal) 34. Muslims Against Terrorism 35. Native Solidarity Network, Vancouver 36. No One is Illegal, Montreal 37. No One is Illegal, Toronto 38. No One Is Illegal, Vancouver 39. NOWAR-Paix, Ottawa 40. Ontario Coalition Against Poverty 41. Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - Carleton University 42. Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - University of Ottawa 43. Ottawa Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 44. Palestine Community Centre, Vancouver 45. Partisan Defense Committee, Toronto 46. People�s Front 47. Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) - Concordia University 48. Raging Grannies 49. Science for Peace 50. Socialist Alternative 51. Solidarity Across Borders, Montreal 52. South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Vancouver 53. Students Together Against Detentions and Deportations, York University 54. Sumoud Political Prisoner's Support Group 55. Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes refugies et immigrantes (TRCI), Montreal 56. Tikkun Toronto 57. Toronto Action for Social Change 58. Toronto Coalition to Stop the War 59. Toronto Student Movement 60. Unitarian Congregation of Niagara 61. United Muslim Students Association (UMSA) of Montreal 62. Womens International League for Peace and Freedom - Vancouver Individuals 1. Denys Arcand, filmmaker and Oscar award winner, Montreal 2. Murray Thomson O.C., Order of Canada, Ottawa 3. Bruce Cockburn, singer/songwriter, Montreal 4. David Fennario, playwright/performer, Montreal 5. Monia Mazigh, human rights activist, wife of Maher Arar 6. Sophie Harkat, human rights activist, wife of Mohamed Harkat 7. Hind Charkaoui, sister of Adil 8. Latifa Charkaoui, mother of Adil 9. Fouzia Charkaoui, wife of Adil 10. Mohammed Charkaoui, father of Adil 11. Yahya Adul Rahman, editor, Montreal Muslim News, Montreal 12. Roy Whyte, President, Canadian Democratic Movement 13. George Richards, United Nations Association in Canada - Kootenay BC 14. Pierre Beaudet, Alternatives, Montreal QC 15. Raphael Thierrin, Ottawa-Vanier Green Party 16. Julie Barker, Midland ON 17. Tim Doucette, Toronto 18. Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair, Comparative Political Economy 19. Sabina Kim, Toronto 20. Jean-Francois Des Lauriers 21. Robert Silverman, Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation, Montreal 22. Joyce Barrett, Kawartha Ploughshares, Peterborough ON 23. John Hambly, Peterborough ON 24. Dave Meslin, Toronto 25. Soon Kim, journalism professor, Baltimore USA 26. Boyce Richardson, Ottawa ON 27. Peter Cameron, Guelph ON 28. Lev Tarasov, Dept of Physics, University of Toronto 29. Kevin Skerrett, Nowar-Paix, Ottawa 30. Jaggi Singh, Montreal 31. Martin Duckworth, documentary filmmaker, Montreal 32. Sheila Zurbrigg, Halifax 33. Eric Brown 34. Ben McDonald, Yellowknife NT 35. Robert S. Lavoie 36. Raymond Vickery 37. Dr. Mary C. Stockdale, Victoria 38. Suzette Montreuil, Yellowknife 39. Carol Bast, Stratford ON 40. Dr. David Lethbridge, Professor of Psychology, Okanagan University College 41. Dr. Lorna Drew 42. Joanne Lloyd, Brantford ON 43. Patricia McQuinn, Brantford ON 44. Paul Kellogg, editor, Socialist Worker, Toronto 45. Margo Boyd, Ottawa 46. J.B. Gerald, Gerald and Maas editions/atelier, Ottawa 47. J. Maas, Gerald and Maas editions/atelier, Ottawa 48. Paul M. Kompass, Ottawa 49. Dr. Aly Nawwar, Ottawa 50. Matt Corks, Montreal 51. Mick Panesar, Ottawa 52. Amro Gamal, Ottawa 53. Anice Wong, filmmaker 54. Farook Aman, Ottawa 55. William W. Baldwin, Anglican priest, Ottawa 56. H. Alsaleh, Ottawa 57. Brian O'Connor, social activist, North Bay ON 58. Jawdat Nassar 59. Yusuf Patel, Mississauga ON 60. Barb Thomas, labour and community educator 61. Sheila Nabigon-Howlett, Peterborough ON 62. Frederique Picker 63. Christopher Jess, Guelph ON 64. Alex Davidson, Christchurch New Zealand 65. Zeba Hashmi, Regina SK 66. Corinne Allan, Ottawa 67. Stuart Ryan, Communist Party of Canada, Ottawa 68. Benoit Renaud, International Socialists, Ottawa 69. Julia Nicol, Montreal 70. Laura Rios, Lachenaie QC 71. Eric Walberg, Toronto 72. Aaron Franks, Toronto 73. Mary Willmott, Beaumaris ON 74. Ian Willmott, Beaumaris ON 75. Rev. Brian Burch, President, St. Clare's Multifaith Housing Society, Toronto 76. Rick Telfer, Trustee, Toronto District School Board 77. Jo Wood, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Psychology, Carleton University, Ottawa 78. Doug W. Brown, M.Sc., P.Eng., Chair, Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament 79. Colin Stuart, President, Somerset West Community Health Centre, Ottawa 80. Chris Shannon, Hamilton ON 81. Melissa Ketcheson, Guelph ON 82. Morgan Passi 83. Brenda Kimiko Inouye, Ottawa 84. Christian Bielz, Toronto 85. Peter Carlyle-Gordge, Winnipeg 86. David Bryant, Ottawa 87. Mike Montanera, Toronto 88. Erika Khandor, Toronto 89. Jerry Wagner, Toronto 90. Norman Nawrocki, Montreal 91. Emmanuel Dupont, Rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre (ROCG), Gatineau ON 92. John T. Jensen, Ottawa 93. Margaret Stong-Jensen, Ottawa 94. Alan Shain, Ottawa 95. David McKenzie 96. Emi Koyanagi, social worker, Ottawa 97. Gerald Norman Willmott, high school teacher, Gravenhurst ON 98. Erin George, Toronto 99. John A. Hill, Gabriola Island BC 100. C.E. Babb, Burlington ON 101. Punam Khosla, consultant, Toronto 102. S. Gordon Jardine, United Church Minister (retired), Fort Qu'Appelle SK 103. Elizabeth Block, Toronto 104. Judith Weisman, Toronto 105. Harold Funk, Grand Forks BC 106. Roger Carter 107. Robert Marois, Le Rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre (ROCG), Gatineau QC 108. Dorothy Peebles, educational researcher (retired), Toronto 109. Anna Lou Little, social worker (retired), Toronto 110. Erika Fuchs, Vancouver BC 111. Allan R. Wells PhD., former director, Lambton County Board of Education, PeaceWorks Sarnia 112. Mohamed S. Kamel, writer, Montreal 113. Brian Hopkins, Oakville ON 114. Vera Szoke, Educators for Peace and Justice, high school teacher, Toronto 115. Françoise Roy, Candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, Vanier ON 116. Dr. Denise Nadeau, theologian, Montreal 117. Laurel Smith, playwright/theatre director, Toronto 118. Elena Montes, Lachenaie QC 119. Paul Smith, NOWAR-Paix 120. Roger Clément, Anti-Capitalist Community Action 121. Sarah Armstrong, Global Peace Coalition, OPIRG Ottawa Board of Directors 122. Gordie Wornoff, OPIRG Carleton 123. Dave McMurran 124. Prince J. Nallo, World Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM), Ottawa 125. Matthew Behrens, Homes not Bombs, Toronto 126. Clayton Dignard, NOWAR-Paix 127. Maria Al-Masani, Canadian Arab Students and Friends Federation (CASFF) 128. Linda Leibovitz, Edmonton 129. Dominique Pare-Champoux 130. Terry Walker 131. Diana Ralph, Toronto 132. Patricia Hartnagel, Edmonton 133. John Liss 134. Khalid Lasfar, Ottawa 135. Amira Elias, ND de L'ile Perrot, QC 136. Roy Miki 137. Nick Aplin, Ottawa 138. Marika Schwandt, Toronto 139. John Bonnar, Toronto 140. Vanessa Compton 141. Pierre Soubire 142. Laura Shevchenko, Smiths Falls ON 143. Brian Mills, Duncan BC 144. Joarey Loranger, Greely ON 145. Zenobia Homavazir 146. Dave Vasey, Kincardine ON 147. 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