Canada's fraying anti-terror policy

posted on November 01, 2005 | in Category Canada | PermaLink

Original author: unsigned editorial
Source: The Toronto Star
URL: [link]
Date: November 1, 2005

Prime Minister Paul Martin's government has vented a blast of outrage at Syria, now that a fact-finder has confirmed what many had long believed, and that was that an innocent Canadian, Maher Arar, was tortured in Damascus after American officials shipped him there to be squeezed for information as a suspected terrorist.

Arar was beaten with steel cables during 18-hour interrogation sessions and was held for 10 months in a tiny cell. Despite strenuous Syrian denials, Stephen Toope, a McGill University law professor, concluded Arar's claims of being tortured were credible, and squared with reports of abuse from three other Canadians who were held in Syria and treated harshly.

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