Torture ruling leaves terror policy in chaos (UK)

posted on December 10, 2005 | in Category International | PermaLink

Original author: Clare Dyer and Alan Travis
Source: The Guardian Unlimted
URL: [link],16518,1663307,00.html
Date: December 9, 2005

Guardian The government will have to show that evidence obtained under torture has not been used in up to 30 cases in which foreign terror suspects are held in Britain, following one of the most important judgments to come from the House of Lords.

Seven judges in Britain's highest court ruled yesterday that intelligence extracted by torture is not admissible in any British court. Lawyers said the judgment would reverberate around the world, putting beyond doubt that the ban on torture was absolute in civilised countries.

Home Office sources confirmed that they now expected "coerced evidence" to be a key issue in the appeals yet to be heard in the cases of 22 men held pending their deportation to countries such as Algeria and Libya, and a further five placed under anti-terror "control orders".

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