Update on Security Certificate in TMLD, May 20

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by "C. Ailes"
Source: Harkat Email List (Riseup.net)
Date: May 20, 2008

[[Diana Younes article is important to read]]

Update on Security Certificate in TMLD, May 20


- Constitutional Challenge to Special Advocate Regime

- How Suresh Haunts Bill C-3 and Section 2 of the Charter - Diana Younes, The Court

- Extraordinary Renditions: Quebec Human Rights Organizations Join in Call to Bring Montreal Man Home - [link]


Constitutional Challenge to Special Advocate Regime

Security certificate detainee Adil Charkaoui has filed a notice of motion before the Federal Court of Canada seeking a judgement declaring the new security certificate regime, Bill C-3, to be unconstitutional. Charkaoui is also seeking an interim order that will relax or lift the strict bail conditions he and his family are subject to.

At the time of Bill C-3's passage through the House of Commons this past February, it was widely opposed as unconstitutional, similar to the legislation it was replacing, and was expected to be the subject of a court challenge. Helen Burnett, in Lawtimesnews.com on March 10, wrote: "In their submission to the Senate committee, Lawyers Rights Watch notes that Bill C-3 does 'nothing in regard to the s. 7 issue' raised in the Supreme Court decision. 'In the words of the Supreme Court, the person concerned will still not know the case he has to meet. As such, the s. 7 fundamental justice requirement is violated,' says the submission."

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