Wife's lonely vigil is her obsession

posted on August 04, 2004 | in Category Mohamed Harkat | PermaLink

Original author: Lisa Lisle Source: The Ottawa Sun Online URL: [link] Date: July 31, 2004 Wife's lonely vigil is her obsession

Passing through the gates at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre for one of her cherished 20-minute visits with her husband, Sophie Harkat thinks about his 36th birthday next week. But instead of making plans for a party or a simple family gathering, Sophie Harkat sees it as yet another special occasion stolen from them by the Canadian government, which has accused her husband of having ties to terrorism. "I thought my second wedding anniversary was bad," she said of the month following Mohamed's arrest. "It's sad to say, but you kind of get used to it." And as time drags on, Sophie is left wondering when they'll be able to celebrate again. Next Friday, Mohamed's birthday will be like every other twice-weekly visit -- 20 minutes and no gifts from home. "As soon as it's finished, that's it," she said of the strict visitation rules. But the one-time government worker's life has changed in so many other ways since her husband's arrest.

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