Judge gives CSIS more power, now allowed to eavesdrop on Canadians abroad

posted on October 06, 2009 | in Category Security Certificates | PermaLink

by Jim Bronskill (CP) Source: The Canadian Press URL: [link] Csis CSIS enlists technical wizardry to eavesdrop abroad

OTTAWA — CSIS has recruited some Defence Department wizardry to sidestep legal limits on its ability to spy on Canadians travelling abroad. Details of a Federal Court ruling released Tuesday provide a glimpse of the high-tech tools used by spies in the fight against terrorism and espionage. The reasons for a potentially groundbreaking decision by Justice Richard Mosley reveal the Canadian Security Intelligence Service obtained a warrant to monitor two suspects considered threats to Canada late last year. When it got wind the pair were leaving the country, CSIS won court approval to employ the secretive Communications Security Establishment, a wing of National Defence, to ensure the interceptions could continue.

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