Ottawa won't rewrite terror laws

posted on October 29, 2009 | in Category Security Certificates | PermaLink

by Janice Tinnetts, Canwest News
Source: The montreal Gazette
URL: [link]
Date: October 17, 2009

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says he has no immediate plans to rewrite Canada's laws for deporting foreign terrorism suspects, despite a string of cases in the nation's courts that have left the government's "war on terror" in tatters.

Despite mounting evidence that a key government tool intended to fight terrorism is losing traction, Nicholson said the government has secured some legal victories and will work within the framework of existing laws to evict non-Canadian suspects.

"We have won some, we've lost some when it comes to the whole question of security," Nicholson said in an interview yesterday with Canwest News Service.

"This is a priority with the government, and we will continue to move against people who are threatening security."

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