Lack of disclosure unfair to terror suspect, Harkat lawyer argues

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Source: The Canadian Press
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Date: February 2, 2010

OTTAWA — A lawyer for Mohamed Harkat says it's unfair to the terror suspect that he has no idea how much of the evidence against him comes from CSIS wiretaps.

Matt Webber pleaded with the Federal Court today for an accounting of the spy service intercepts.

It is still unclear whether the federal government will divulge how many of the alleged conversations involving Harkat were picked up electronically or reported by human sources.

The government is trying to deport the Algerian-born Harkat using a national security certificate, a rarely employed immigration tool.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service alleges Harkat, arrested almost seven years ago, has ties to Islamic extremists.

The former gas-station attendant and pizza delivery man, who lives in Ottawa with his wife, denies involvement with terrorism.

Harkat began his second day of testimony today at hearings to test the validity of the security certificate.

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