Mohamed Harkat - 20 Years of Injustice and continuing

posted on December 10, 2022 | in Category Mohamed Harkat | PermaLink

Another December 10th. Another International Human Rights Day. Another cruel irony that on this day, 20 years ago Mohamed Harkat's human rights nightmare began.[/p]

Painting By Nicole McGrath

20 years of fighting deportation to torture: Justice for Mohamed Harkat Now!

ICLMG 10/12/2022 - December 10, 2022 - ironically Human Rights Day - marks the 20th "anniversary" of the arrest of Mohamed Harkat under Canada's rights-violating security certificate regime.

For Mr. Harkat, it's been two decades of fighting deportation to torture, 16 years of harassment and intrusive surveillance, arbitrary detention, solitary confinement, secret trials, PTSD: enough is enough! We call for justice for Moe Harkat now!

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