Harkat finally gets his day in court

posted on October 29, 2004 | in Category Mohamed Harkat | PermaLink

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Source: CBC.CA
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Date: October 28 2004

OTTAWA - The wife of accused terrorist Mohamed Harkat says she was pleased with the way things went when he got his first-ever chance to tell his story in court, Wednesday.

Sophie Harkat says, "He told me he's innocent. So that's how he portrayed himself. He looked like an innocent man. I believe he still does have an ounce of faith in the system - that he will get out. He does. I don't."

She says she has no faith in the security-certificate system, which allows the Canadian government to jail foreigners without charging them, if it thinks they may be a threat to national security. She says the open nature of Wednesday's hearing was meaningless, because her husband can't defend himself against evidence that the Crown will later be able to present to the judge in secret.

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