Group protests use of security certificates

posted on November 10, 2004 | in Category Security Certificates | PermaLink

Original author: CBC News Staff
Source: CBC.CA
Date: November 8, 2004

OTTAWA - Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside a Federal Court building in downtown Ottawa Monday to protest against Canada's security-certificate process.

That's the law the federal government can use to detain non-citizens on suspicion of terrorist ties, and deport them without revealing the evidence against them.

Lawyers for a Moroccan man, Adil Charkaoui, challenged the process, Monday, in Federal Court. Charkaoui has been held in jail under a security certificate since May 2003

Supporters of that challenge include Monia Mazigh, the wife of Maher Arar, the Syrian-born Canadian who was held in a Syrian jail for a year because of alleged ties to Al-Queda.

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