Not-Quite Silent Night at the Toronto Refugee Jail

posted on December 27, 2004 | in Category Canada's Immigration Policy | PermaLink

Original author: TASC, tasc at web dot ca Source: TASC Listserv Date: December 27, 2004 Carolers Bring Candlelight and Songs of Hope on Xmas Eve December 24, Toronto -- The stretch of Rexdale Blvd. between Martingrove Blvd. and Highway 27 is one of the dreariest in Toronto. A desolate airport area strip with the constant roar of transport trucks and flights overhead is home to a nondescript government of Canada building, a converted hotel which is now a jail for refugees. Run by the Corbel Management Group, a private security company, the 72-room Heritage Inn, replacing the former Celebrity Inn refugee jail, but without any particular signage, is just another building that thousands of people pass by every day, few knowing the purpose of the facility. And while we do not know the details of the contract with Corbel, one might readily assume that, as with other privately-run prison facilities, profits are made by keeping as many people behind bars as possible.

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