CSIS angered by imam's campaign

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Original author: Michelle Shephard Source: The Toronto Star URL: [link] (subscribers only) Date: Jul 27, 2005 CSIS

Agency denies claims of harassment Makes rare effort to reach out to public

Canada's spy service is waging a rare public battle against an outspoken Scarborough imam who claims agents who are supposed to fight terrorism are instead terrorizing Canadian Muslims. A flyer entitled "Community Safety" and circulated to Toronto mosques by Imam Aly Hindy alleges Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents forced their way into the house of a Muslim woman and abused and humiliated her while inquiring about her husband's activities. "These are becoming common occurrences in our community, and we believe CSIS should stop terrorizing us," the flyer states, providing names and numbers for four Toronto lawyers.

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Canada not perfect AMNESTY REPORT

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Original author: N/A
Source: 24 hours news services
Date: May 26, 2005

Amnesty International says the U.S.-led war on terror is taking a massive toll on human rights, citing Canada as a cohort country trampling rights in the name of security.

In its annual report released yesterday, Amnesty names Canada for several human rights abuses.

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Federal Court upholds 'security certificates'

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Original author: Globe and Mail update with Canadian Press (CP) Source: The Globe and Mail URL: [link] Date: December 10, 2004 Montrealer Adil Charkaoui

It is constitutional to hold suspected terrorists without charge or appeal, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled Friday. The decision is a blow to the hopes of Moroccan-born Adil Charkaoui, whose supporters have been fighting against the "security certificate" under which he has been held since the spring of last year. Mr. Charkaoui has lost three bids for bail. He is accused of being an al-Qaeda agent and faces deportation to his native country, where his supporters say he could be tortured.

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Spies need more scrutiny, auditor says

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Source: Canadian Press (CP) URL: [link] Date: February 10, 2004 RCMP spies, other intelligence agencies need better oversight, report explains

OTTAWA (CP) - The government must fill gaps in the patchwork of watchdog agencies keeping an eye on Canada's spies, the auditor general says. There should be "more consistency in the extent of independent review" of the intrusive powers of federal intelligence services, Sheila Fraser said in her report today. She added her voice to the chorus calling for more scrutiny of the RCMP's security activities, noting the complaints commission currently overseeing the Mounties does "very limited" review of intelligence-related cases.

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