Bloc and NDP attack security certificates in Parliament

posted on December 14, 2004 | in Category | PermaLink

Source: Coalition Justice pour Adil Charkaoui Listserv quoting Hansard Date: December 10, 2004 Below are some questions raised in Parliament in Ottawa by BQ and NDP on secret trials Dec. 10. [On va l'envoyer en francais sous peu.]

Ms. Monique Guay (Riviere-du-Nord, BQ): Mr. Speaker, today, on International Human Rights Day, the government needs to examine its conscience. In 2002 Parliament modified the composition of the Immigration and Refugee Board, reducing the number of board members from two to one, and creating an appeal division. The appeal division is still not operational and the minister does not understand how urgent it is that it be implemented. How can a government that denounces the democratic deficit tolerate this delay in carrying out the will of Parliament and what is it waiting for to implement the refugee appeal division as called for by law? [English] Hon. Hedy Fry (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, this is only one part of the refugee process. We are looking, as a department, at the whole refugee process. There are many components of it that we feel need to be dealt with. There is going to be a complete review of the refugee process, including Iran.

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