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Anti-terror hocus-pocus

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by Stephen Humphrey Source: Toronto NOW URL: [link] Date: March 11, 2004 If these Muslims are terrorists, why are they not being tried under 9/11 bill?

For those trying to follow the effects of post-9/11 security crackdowns, the trail through Toronto courts over the last number of months is sure to confuse. This week in another of the seemingly endless series of hearings, Mahmoud Jaballah, one of five Muslim immigrants held in the Metro West Detention Centre without charges under suspicion of terrorist involvement, was denied bail. In a strange turn of events, however, these security cases are being heard not under the much-criticized anti-terrorism Bill C-36, with its sweeping powers of investigation and arrest, but under the immigration security certificate procedure. Critics charge that this process, part of the CSIS apparatus, is a blank cheque for arrest without warrant, open-ended detention and secretive proceedings. And, ironically, many of those who have criticized C-36 say that, scary as it may be, that legislation at least contains such rudiments of due process as specific charges, disclosure of evidence and cross-examination.

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Two letters of protest to Anne McLellan

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Included below are two letters that were recently sent to Anne McLellan regarding the injustice of security certificates and the secret trials that come of them. One was written by me (Brian O'Connor). I borrowed heavily from Matthew Behren's sample letter. The other is an email written by Linda Belanger. Please consider writing to Ms. McLellan yourself. ========================== Date: February 6, 2004 Dear Ms. McLellan, I am sending you four pens which do not work (enclosed) so that the next time CSIS comes to you to sign a secret trial security certificate, you won't have the ink to do so. As a result of the issuing of security certificates there are now six individuals (five of them Muslim men) who have been detained in Canada without charge or bail. One man has been held in solitary confinement for 27 full months. Four of these men are married, and among them are 11 children who are separated by thick concrete and steel bars from their fathers.

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Now only one minister Anne McLellan will "okay" security certificates

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The Canadian Council for Refugees has issued a press release expressing alarm at changes to the security certificate process. Read the press release here: [link] En francais ici: [link]


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Original Author: Matthew Behrens, tasc at web dot ca
Date: Aug 17, 2003

Did you know the government of Canada, using a "security certificate" can declare any refugee or permanent resident a threat to Canada, have them arrested, held without charge or bail, and not allow either that person or their lawyer to see the "evidence" (the basis of a secret trial)?

Did you know on the basis of a secret trial, in which neither you nor your lawyer can see the evidence, you can then be deported to a country where you will likely be arrested, tortured, and murdered?

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A Report on the Halloween Action at CSIS (Matthew Behrens)

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Halloween 2003 at CSIS
photo courtesy of [link]
Protesters Trick-or-Treat Across Canada as CSIS, RCMP Play Hide and Don't Seek 70-year-old Resisters Help Lead the Way in 10 Cities During National Day of Action to Stop Secret Trials in Canada Five Arrested as Costumed Crusaders Demand CSIS, RCMP Stop Terrorizing Canada's Arabic, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim Communities A report from Matthew Behrens of the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada) Read Behren's report HERE

Maritimers Rally Against Secret Trials

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Date: November 1 2003
Original author: Shunpiking Magazine
Source: [link]
URL: [link]

Halifax -- Twenty five people vigorously picketed the CSIS office, Maritime Centre, Halifax, for one hour on the afternoon of October 31st as part of the National Day of Action to Stop Secret Trails in Canada.

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Group Protests Security Certificates in Ottawa (CTV NEWS)

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URL: [link]
Date: Oct 31 2003

Four people have been charged following a demonstration outside CSIS headquarters in Ottawa. The protesters were rallying against the security certificates used to arrest five Muslim men currently being held behind bars.

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Forty People rally to demand the abolition of security certificates

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Source: Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui

Montreal, 7 October 2003 - About forty people gathered in front of the federal government offices in Montreal (Complexe Guy Favreau) to demand justice for Adil Charkaoui, who has been detained since May 2003 under a security certificate, without any accusation having been formally laid against him.

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